Terms & Conditions

At Kintala Canine we don’t believe in 50,000 word terms and conditions, jargon or (very) small print.  Basically we like to keep things simple and harmonious.

In keeping with the above our terms noted below are not exhaustive but are an ‘in principle’ guide to the terms of engagement between our customers and Kintala.

Firstly, should you, for any reason, not be happy with any service we have provided we ask that you let us know as soon as reasonably practicable.  If you feel our service did not meet your expectations and we cannot agree a resolution then you will be given a full refund with absolutely no quibble.  To us customer satisfaction is paramount and, on rare occasions, where we do not meet your service expectations we will accept the feedback, learn from the experience and keep on our journey of continuous improvement.  We don’t accept second best and we don’t expect our customers to either.  We do ask that any queries/disputes are raised with us within 30 days of receiving the service(s).

To be accepted to the doggy day care your dog must have all of its vaccinations and inoculations up-to-date (including Kennel Cough (which is not part of the standard inoculations therefore it must be requested)).  You will be required to provide your updated vet book prior to registration and maintain the health regime of your dog, or dogs, thereafter including regular flea and worming treatments.  Should you not keep such up-to-date then Kintala reserve the right to refuse entry into the day care for your dog (or dogs).

Kintala will only accept friendly and sociable dogs that will attend at least one day per week as this allows better bonding and friendship within the Kintala family and also allows us to get to know and understand each dog individually.

It is highly recommended that dogs have completed basic obedience and/or puppy classes prior to being brought to Kintala.

A dog suitability assessment will be carried out on all dogs, with all paperwork checked, prior to being accepted on the Kintala acceptance list.  Thereafter a probation period of 4 weeks will apply where new dogs will be continually assessed in order to gain full Kintala membership.

Your dog(s) should be toileted prior to being dropped off at the Centre.


Dogs that fail to attend Doggy Day Care for 8 (eight) consecutive weeks will be removed from the Kintala register and will need to re-register, be placed on the waiting list and will need complete another suitability assessment in order to re-attend again in the future.

Dogs who are within their 4 week probation period and fail to attend any day(s) within the probation period, with no notice given to Kintala, will be removed from the register and have their offer of a place within Doggy Day Care withdrawn.

Suitability Assessments

Assessment dates/times are by appointment only.

Neutering Requirements

Kintala require that dogs are spayed and neutered in line with WDC licensing conditions and are also required to wear a collar/harness with an identity name/contact tag on it.


Please note: Kintala reserve the right to charge customers who book space but don’t show up for the booked allocation.  If you cannot attend please contact Kintala to advise (preferably giving at least 24 hours notice).

As we severely limit the maximum dogs we take per day and all places are in high demand ‘no shows’ inhibit the chance of affording another dog the opportunity to attend.

Peace and Karma