Drop Off/COLLECTION Procedure

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic Kintala have set in place secure no-contact procedures aimed at keeping you, your dog and the Kintala team safe and fully protected against potential spread of Covid-19.

As you can appreciate, for health & safety reasons, there can be no exceptions to following the procedure noted below and no visitors will be allowed access to the main day care areas.

The entry buzzer will be removed from service and Den and I will monitor the front CCTV for arrivals.

The toilet facility will be closed off to the public

There will be a hand sanitizer for your use within the drop-off/pick-up zone.

The area between the front (outside) door and the reception door will become a no-contact drop-off pick up zone.

If this area is clear then you can enter with your dog(s).  However, if the area is occupied please return to your car (or wait outside at a suitable (minimum 2 metre) distance to the front door) until the customer has been served and their dog(s) have been dropped-off or picked up and they have left the premises.

Once you enter the (no-contact) drop-off/pick-up zone then please remove your dog’s lead (see next step below) and, once you see Den or I, on the other side of the reception door, please exit again to allow us to enter this area and bring your dog(s) through.

If it is impractical to take your dog’s lead away with you, or someone else will be collecting your dog(s), then please place it on one of the coat-stand branches in the drop-off/pick-up zone.  The lead(s) will remain in this area until collection therefore if you could write/place your dog’s name on the lead it would be very much appreciated.

If you are dropping off any food for your dog(s) then please place it in one of the plastic draws in the no-contact drop-off/pick-up zone and we will take it through when we bring through your dog(s).

If you can advise off an approximate pick-up time at drop-off this would be so helpful and should enable Den and I to ensure that your wait for your dog is as short as it can be.

For collections: Once you see Den or I bring your dog into the reception area I would ask that you stand back from the reception entrance door and wait at the exit door.  We will then let your dog(s) into the pick-up zone. Once the reception door has been closed you are free to come forward and collect your dog(s).

IMPORTANT NOTE: As is currently the case, no dog will be given over to anyone we don’t know unless a password has been set up and agreed.

All dogs coming in to, or leaving Kintala, will get a quick wipe down with a towel, or similar, to ensure that the risk of cross-contamination is greatly reduced.

Den and I will be using suitable PPE (masks, gloves and disposable aprons) for all drop offs and pick-ups.

Further to the above the centre has several hand sanitizers and hand washing facilities for staff use when required.

Payments: We would ask that payments be made by bank transfer if at all possible.  If this is not possible or practical for you then just let me know and we can work out something more suitable for you.