Doggy Self Wash

At our Kintala Centre we will have a self service dog wash facility where you can pamper your dog with a wash, shampoo and blow dry for only £8 per dog per self-washEverything is supplied (apron, towels, shampoo, conditioner and even doggy deodorant spray)!


You do not need to book but, as this is the cheapest self-service dog wash in Clydebank/Glasgow, it is always wise to phone ahead. (Tel: 0141 952 2990).

In most cases there is no time limit so you will not be rushed to finish.  However, as you will no doubt appreciate, in periods of high demand we do ask that you finish your wash within 45 minutes or 90 minutes for 2 dogs.

Last wash times: Monday to Friday 6pm; Saturdays 4:15pm.

We also have a loyalty card scheme where every 10th visit is FREE!!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any dog currently under treatment for infectious illnesses such as kennel cough, fleas etc will not be able to use the wash facilities until the treatments have ended and are no longer at risk of spreading the infection, fleas etc to other dogs.