Puppy / Dog Training

*** Please Note: Puppy training is currently on it’s summer break and will resume mid to late August (date TBC) ****

Kintala very much promotes a harmonious way of dog training and development.  The aim is to bond guardian and dog to understand, respect and work for each other.  To this end, we do not have ‘prescribed deadlines’ to achieving objectives – Basically we work at the dog’s pace.  There are no absolutes and no judgement (of dog or guardian) we aim to ensure your dog achieves certification without pressure or stress (which your dog will sense and which hinders learning and bonding) of set deadlines.


There are two levels of certification ‘standard’ and ‘advanced’.  Once your dog has passed all of the elements of standard certificate then you can progress to the advanced.  Again, in keeping with our principles, each element of the course can be completed in any order as assessments are ongoing.

The cost for each course is £5 per dog per attendance.  To ensure that all participants get the best out of these classes no more than 8 dogs (not including trainer support dogs) will be allowed in any class.

Puppy training classes are on Saturdays (10:30am – 11:30am) and must be booked in advance.