Doggy Day Care

At our fully insured bespoke doggy cay care facility, in Clydebank Business Park, we offer a high end and super stimulating experience for your dog, or dogs, without the high end cost.

The centre comprises of an open play area, with lots of stimulating activities, a sleep/rest area, an indoor garden, a drinking fountain and many other facilities.

We do not believe in complicated pricing structures so we have kept our simple.

  • For 1 dog for 1 day per week £20 per day
  • For 1 dog for 2 days per week £18 per day.
  • For 1 dog for 3 or more days per week £16 per day
  • Each Additional dog is only £15 per dog per day

After 6 months of consecutive and regular attendance you will be eligible for our loyalty scheme where every 10th visit is FREE!!!

Why not book your dog into Kintala on their Play Day Saturdays where your dog can have loads of fun and socialise with lots of other pooches for up to 8hrs.
Up to 2hrs – £5.00
Up to 4hrs – £7.50
Up to 6hrs – £10.00
Up to 8hrs – £12.00

**Terms and conditions apply.

All dogs will be assessed for suitability before acceptance and all dogs must have their vaccinations, including kennel cough, up-to-date (and maintained).